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 How to use Argan Oil How to use Argan Oil Argan oil is beautiful golden oil with a slightly reddish tinge, which comes from the Argan Tree of Morocco. For centuries, the Berber people of Morocco have used the oil for its numerous culinary, cosmetic and medicinal benefits. The argan tree is under the protection of […]

HAIR TODAY GONE TOMORROW by Lindsay McKinnon  There was a time when, if we weren’t lucky enough to be born with long flowing locks, our only resort was to wear a full or partial wig. Then along came the hair extensions and how could we resist? After all, every actress and model we saw suddenly […]

DIET SHAKE RECIPE AND HOW TO PUT IT TOGETHER Edit This | Categories: Lindsay’s Life, Lindsay’s Videos Get on the shakes this summer …and make dieting a chilled out experience. PROTEIN SHAKE RECIPES THAT WORK AND HOW TO PUT THEM TOGETHER PROTEIN SHAKE RECIPES  that have been developed by Lindsay McKinnon is a pleasant way to help those pounds disappear, […]

How can an Argan tree stop the Sahara? The world’s deserts are gaining ground in most areas of the planet. As we over-graze, over-till and over cultivate, we remove nature’s natural barriers to the encroachment of desert into formally arable areas. Trees are clear-felled for timber and the loss of vegetation and drought drives the […]

AFFORDABLE WEBSITE DESIGN THE FIRST STEP IN AN AFFORDABLE WEBSITE DESIGN IS DECIDING WHAT PURPOSE IT WILL SERVE IN THE INTERNET BUSINESS WORLD. In this article I am mainly talking to people with small businesses or those who want to sell digital products on line., but even if you want to build a site for fun then there is plenty of info […]

Irritable Bowel Syndrome Information – Keeping Life Normal If you have recently been diagnosed with irritable bowel syndrome, information is available to help you manage this disorder so you can learn to control it and live a relatively normal life. Although there is no known cause, doctors have determined that symptoms associated with irritable bowel […]

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Female Hair Loss Products – Female Pattern Baldness Treatments  Talk to your physician about your hair loss and the possibility of using female hair loss products to reduce the number of hairs you lose in a day or even regrow some hair.Not that you can accurately count the hairs you lose everyday but if you […]

Experience Master Cleanse – Improve Your Overall Health  Are you ready to experience master cleanse? Do you think you have the discipline to stick with this regime for several days, up to a week? If so, than you’re going to be in for a great surprise since many people have not only lost weight doing […]

Easy Hypertension Natural Remedies Over one third of Americans have hypertension. All those people think they need to be put on meds to get their blood pressure back to normal. For some people that is the only way to get their blood pressure into normal ranges. However, for others, there are natural remedies for lowering […]

WHAT IS A PORGASM? BY LINDSAY MCKINNON  I was speaking with my fab friend Lili from PoSarc last night and we were discussing those deluded pseudo feminists who declare that porn is empowering women and refuse to acknowledge porn as another means of women being exploited in the sex trade industry. It is true that there is […]

Are Online Relationships Cheating – Yes Or No If your significant other seems to be spending a significant amount of time online, you may wonder what is going on and are online relationships cheating? For the most part that depends on you and your relationship. If you and your partner are OK with the other […]

Blood Pressure Normal Range – Are You In It   You would think your blood pressure normal range would depend on the person. You know, like your height, weight, and how tall you are. However it just doesn’t work like that. Truth be told, your normal blood pressure range should be between 110 over 75 […]

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Best Cold Sore Treatment – 3 Helpful Tips  No one wants to suffer through two weeks of painful, ugly cold sores so finding the best cold sore treatment can seem almost like a matter of life and death. There are a lot of things that can cause a cold sore outbreak. Too much stress, hormone […]

Are Cold Sores Contagious – You Bet  Are cold sores contagious, you may be wondering. It’s bad enough to have unsightly and painful cold sores, but no one wants to spread them to their friends and family ( and no one who knows someone with a cold sore wants to get one themselves). The answer […]

Causes Of Female Hair Loss – Hair L oss Tips You are concerned because you recently have noticed that you are losing hair and are very interested in what the causes of female hair loss are. There are several causes, any one of which can be responsible for you losing your hair. Anyone at any age […]

Home Articles by the Experts What people are saying about us. BAD BEHAVIOR THE FACTS ABOUT PORN ADDICTION AND THE BAD BEHAVIOR IT CAN CAUSE. 10.28.2013 SHOW ME THE PROOF! Edit This | Categories: Uncategorized, What others are saying about porn SHOW ME THE PROOF! BY LINDSAY MCKINNON Yet again, in response to one of my blogs about […]

Diets make you fat. Diets make you fat is the current war-cry that is being broadcast by the powers that be. For 30 years and more they have concealed information about the effects of dieting on the human body. from studies done in the early sixties it was observed that if you starved the body […]

WHAT YOUR HOUSE NUMBER MEANS TO YOU BY SOPHIA There are some properties you enter and never want to leave; others, you can’t wait to get out of.  There could be a good reason for this and that reason could be as simple as the number that represents the house. It’s simple enough to leave […]

Shares of Facebook stock UP FOR GRABS OR DOWN THE TUBES? Shares of Facebook stock have been on sale for a while now and not much excitement has ensued. I think people have been waiting to see what having shareholders would do to Facebooks super-cool attitude. Facebook, or Fleecebook as my good mate Bury Bob calls it, […]

Weight loss success stories with happy endings. Weight loss success stories are not always long-term, but, Lindsay’s protein shake is so easy to make and delicious to taste that it lends itself to being part of a long term plan. It satisfies the urge for something sweet and gives you a natural hit that sugar […]

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Things to do in Liverpool. Posted on June 10, 2013 8:25 am by thingstodoinliverpool Comment Things to do in Liverpool Vacations in the UK Things to do in Liverpool.  With a state of the art cruise terminal; two premier football clubs, Aintree Racecourse, World Class entertainment/conference venues  and attractions, with more than enough cultural destinations to fill many visits, Liverpool is on top […]

Well I think I will be getting off my BTM and having a tootle up and down the valley next weekend better get out my hippie wig and the clothes I normally wear for painting….or will it be my collarless suit….? The Rossendale 60’s Festival Programme of Events “On behalf of Rossendale Revival and all […]

Living History is Alive in Lancashire. We don’t need to wait for some mad scientist to build a time-machine to take us back to the days of our great great greadfathers. Thanks to the tireless work of skilled enthusiasts, much of our heritage here in the North West has been preserved. Lancashire has a wonderful […]