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20 Healthy Snack Ideas For Children
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In an on-going battle to help our children eat healthily, here is a “cheat-sheet” on some healthy snack options to have at home, pack for a multi-hour trip, or throw in the lunch box for school.

Fruits (all of them – take advantage of seasonal options)Fruit salads – why not combine several fruits?Veggies – again the world is your oyster here. Add a healthy dip such as hummus or red pepper dip. Some examples; peppers (all colours), cherry tomatoes, broccoli florets, cauliflower florets, cucumbers, green beans, peas, baby carrotsApplesauce (look for sugar free, or make it yourself and add cinnamon) Trail Mix (customized)CheeseAnts on a log – celery with peanut butter and raisins (go for nuts only peanut butter, or try other nut butters)Ants on a log supreme – add additional seeds (sesame, pumpkin, sunflower)Apple volcano (cut the core out of an apple and put peanut butter in the middle)Plain yogurt with fresh or frozen fruit (add a bit of maple syrup, or honey if too tart)Cottage cheese (with fruit if desired)Hard boiled eggsSoup in a thermos (add cheese and whole grain crackers as a side)Wraps (add low sodium, nitrate-free turkey, or other lunch meat, chicken or tuna/salmon)Edamame – heat up and serve as a side dish, or a quick snack.Smoothies – tons of options here; mix fruit with milk and yogurt.Fruit kabobs – with a wooden skewer place cheese cubes and a variety of fruits.At-home salad bar – get out greens, veggies, nuts and let your kids build their own custom salads. Lettuce wraps – take romaine hearts and place a low sodium, low nitrate lunch meat, cheese, peppers in between it, with mayo or mustard. Close with a toothpick.Homemade popsicles – invest in a popsicle tray and buy a high quality, no sugar added fruit juice – pour, freeze and serve. Perfect for hot days!What are your favorite healthy snack ideas?

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