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In this article I am mainly talking to people with small businesses or those who want

to sell digital products on line., but even if you want to build a site for fun then there is plenty of info here for you too.

If  your site is a place to sell product, then you will need to hire the services of one of the many companies that handle the electronic transfer of money and product. Setting this up requires some computer skills on your part in putting the products, but if you can use a word processing program you can handle this easily.

What kind of business are you? Does it matter?

If you have a bricks and mortar business the hardest thing to do is get people to walk through your door.

The internet has exposed people to virtually infinite choice. They expect to find what they are looking for without leaving the house. People will buy anything online.( there are a few aircraft carriers on e bay), but thankfully there are still lots of people who like to talk to a human being before making large purchases. People who want the advice they get from the guy behind the counter in a hardware store. People who like the gossip they pick up at the hairdresser’s. People who need a plumber to put in a central heating system or fix a leaky tap.

With a website you can get right into your potential customer’s home and develop a relationship with them long before the walk into your shop or office.

On my Affordable Websites Lancashire website and here on the Blog I have tried to use language I would use in normal life and hopefully it has helped to connect to the people I want to talk to.

So many small businesses think they have to talk corporate speak when they go on line, but I prefer to talk straight and sound natural….it’s so rare it stands out from the crowd.

Whatever you are trying to sell there is most probably a market for you somewhere on the internet.

This is known as a niche market. A specialist market, relatively small, but on the internet that could still represent hundreds of thousands of people.

If you want your customers to physically come to your place of  business you can help to make that process easier for them by having an interactive map on the site. Google have a set up for doing that which is very straight forward.

Show photos or video of your business premises so visitors will recognise your business when they arrive or pass by.





You can display product and prices and special offers so people can have a reason to come to your shop instead of  the guy next on the list.

Also It’s a good idea to have a sign up box on your site and offer people a reason to give you their email address. It’s not as easy as it used to be. People have full in boxes already…. they don’t want any more junk mail.

But, if you can collect a data base of customers, you are in the position of being able to tell them about your weekly special, your Christmas plans, or that you will be on holiday from then til then…It’s a new way of dealing with customers. so long as you are not sending stuff every five minutes it can keep you in people’s consciousness even when they are not actively seeking you out. But the next time they need something that you do sell, you are the place they will be heading first.

A percentage of them will repeat buy and eventually you will end up with growing list of people who are regular customers. This is the ultimate goal. these are people who have bought from you, liked your service enough to repeat buy, so with the right handling there is no reason that they won’t buy in the future.

So, does it really matter what your business is on the internet.

The answer is no.

The purpose of the internet for you as a business is to get your company noticed above all the other companies who are trying to tempt the same customers to their shops.

So make your website memorable, but don’t think that means having too many apps, gadgets and flashing lights, unless they have a purpose.

On my last couple of sites I have used marquees because I noticed that your eye can’t stop looking at them, so make sure you put a message there that you want your customers to remember..

Remember where you want your visitors to end up.

Where s that Ian? I hear you call!

At the button that says ‘purchase here’ or ‘leave your details’ .

Experiment with where you put your phone number on the page…
top right hand side is the place where people’s eyes go to naturally, so that’s a good place to start.

So hopefully you are beginning to see your website in your head and have some idea why you are building it.

It is your cyber sign post to your business. It is generating custom while you sleep and will in time become your way of communicating with your customers.

By Ian Jameson

If you would like me to build a website for you then contact me with a rough outline of what you are looking for.

Or if you have no idea what you are looking for call anyway and we will work out what you need.


affordable website design link banner

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