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Home Articles by the Experts What people are saying about us. BAD BEHAVIOR THE FACTS ABOUT PORN ADDICTION AND THE BAD BEHAVIOR IT CAN CAUSE. 10.28.2013 SHOW ME THE PROOF! Edit This | Categories: Uncategorized, What others are saying about porn SHOW ME THE PROOF! BY LINDSAY MCKINNON Yet again, in response to one of my blogs about […]

The Facts About Porn Addiction ARTICLE IN ‘CLOSER MAGAZINE’ ABOUT LINDSAY MCKINNON. Last month a shortened and slightly inaccurate article appeared in Closer magazine which you can read here. Of course, the ‘Kevin Smith’ is a cover name for my ex as the piece is meant to be exposing the truth about porn addiction, not exposing […]

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Porn addicts and Overcoming  Addiction to Porn   Download ‘Overcoming Addiction to Porn’ a great new  free eBook by British writer and presenter Lindsay McKinnon NOW! OVERCOMING ADDICTION TO PORN by Lindsay McKinnon A ‘must read’ for the Partners of Porn Addicts! Get your copy NOW! Help in the battle to overcome addiction to […]

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 Depression Eating I’m sick in the head. No seriously, I am. I’m medicated and everything. Bipolar, clinically depressed, angry all the time, and riddled with anxiety and self-hate. It’s a serious condition, but being crazy does have its perks. Jehovah’s Witnesses know not to knock on my door. But sometimes depression can really suck, especially […]