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DIET SHAKE RECIPE AND HOW TO PUT IT TOGETHER Edit This | Categories: Lindsay’s Life, Lindsay’s Videos Get on the shakes this summer …and make dieting a chilled out experience. PROTEIN SHAKE RECIPES THAT WORK AND HOW TO PUT THEM TOGETHER PROTEIN SHAKE RECIPES  that have been developed by Lindsay McKinnon is a pleasant way to help those pounds disappear, […]

Blood Pressure Normal Range – Are You In It   You would think your blood pressure normal range would depend on the person. You know, like your height, weight, and how tall you are. However it just doesn’t work like that. Truth be told, your normal blood pressure range should be between 110 over 75 […]

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Best Cold Sore Treatment – 3 Helpful Tips  No one wants to suffer through two weeks of painful, ugly cold sores so finding the best cold sore treatment can seem almost like a matter of life and death. There are a lot of things that can cause a cold sore outbreak. Too much stress, hormone […]

Are Cold Sores Contagious – You Bet  Are cold sores contagious, you may be wondering. It’s bad enough to have unsightly and painful cold sores, but no one wants to spread them to their friends and family ( and no one who knows someone with a cold sore wants to get one themselves). The answer […]

Home Articles by the Experts What people are saying about us. BAD BEHAVIOR THE FACTS ABOUT PORN ADDICTION AND THE BAD BEHAVIOR IT CAN CAUSE. 10.28.2013 SHOW ME THE PROOF! Edit This | Categories: Uncategorized, What others are saying about porn SHOW ME THE PROOF! BY LINDSAY MCKINNON Yet again, in response to one of my blogs about […]

WHAT YOUR HOUSE NUMBER MEANS TO YOU BY SOPHIA There are some properties you enter and never want to leave; others, you can’t wait to get out of.  There could be a good reason for this and that reason could be as simple as the number that represents the house. It’s simple enough to leave […]

Weight loss success stories with happy endings. Weight loss success stories are not always long-term, but, Lindsay’s protein shake is so easy to make and delicious to taste that it lends itself to being part of a long term plan. It satisfies the urge for something sweet and gives you a natural hit that sugar […]

Well I think I will be getting off my BTM and having a tootle up and down the valley next weekend better get out my hippie wig and the clothes I normally wear for painting….or will it be my collarless suit….? The Rossendale 60’s Festival Programme of Events “On behalf of Rossendale Revival and all […]

HELP FOR PARTNERS OF PORN ADDICTS   by Lindsay McKinnon I lived with a porn addicted partner for over three years… which resulted in my being treated for post traumatic stress disorder. When I was looking for help for partners of porn addicts, I found very little. There is a huge misconception about porn addiction and what it is. […]

The Facts About Porn Addiction ARTICLE IN ‘CLOSER MAGAZINE’ ABOUT LINDSAY MCKINNON. Last month a shortened and slightly inaccurate article appeared in Closer magazine which you can read here. Of course, the ‘Kevin Smith’ is a cover name for my ex as the piece is meant to be exposing the truth about porn addiction, not exposing […]

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Lose Love Handles Now! Ever been in the situation where you see an old friend or acquaintance, and looking at them now, you can barely recognize them? They’re radically different, looking pretty good in fact… You catch up, have a chat, say your goodbyes, and continue on your way… Believe it not, I just stumbled […]

  Safe Tips For Abdominal Exercises For The Obese EXERCISES FOR OBESE PEOPLE   Everyone wants the tight ab look that we see on movie  stars and athletes. When people think of how to get  tight abs they almost always think of sit ups or crunches. That is only half of the equation though. Exercises […]

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What are Raspberry Ketones? Raspberry ketones are enzymes that are found only in raspberries. Just as grapes and red wine contain resveratrol, so too raspberries are another of the superfruits that contain a unique enzyme that can provide an amazing number of health benefits to those who consume them. Raspberries have been eaten throughout history […]

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Fatty Liver Cure “Why There Are Almost No Chinese People Who Suffer From Fatty Liver And Obesity And How You Can Use What This Man Reveals To Resolve Your Fatty Liver And Stay Slim Forever…” Mr. Abe Hsieh “For a long time it s a known fact that almost nobody gets heart disease in China. After […]

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     Flexible Intermittent Fasting to  lose weight   No matter if you are fasting to lose weight or  just looking to use intermittent fasting to help control your weight, the important thing  is to use it in a way that best  fits with your personal lifestyle. I have used I.F now for two and a half […]

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The Best Diet Plan is NO Diet at all   As a nutritionist, the most common question I get daily is “What is the Best Diet to follow?” My answer is always the same and one that shocks many people. “The best diet to follow is to follow NO diet at all.” How could any […]

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5 Reasons Why You Must Keep a Weightloss Diary   Particular low carb foods are out in shops and on menus everywhere.. This is in all likelihood why the average person determines they want to slim down and start shaking of the extra pounds. So how do good low carb foods work with weightloss?. The […]

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There are many myths going around on weightloss that a lot of people seem to believe in when trying to achieve weightloss forever. Below three more popular myths are discussed. Myth # 1: Skipping meals Skipping meals can lower your metabolism and makes it more difficult to lose weight. You need to eat regularly and […]

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  The last few years have been a whirlwind for the Cookie Monster. From having to dispel tabloid rumors about his name being changed to the “Vegetable Monster,” to his recent run in the limelight, which centered on an aggressive campaign to host Saturday Night Live. Although the cookie monster will not be changing the […]

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  Girls as young as three are already “emotionally invested” in being thin, according to a small study of 55 preschoolers. I really didn’t expect kids this young to even notice what weight someone was. But then again, our culture has become obsessed with body image, so does this really surprise anyone? The girls behavior […]

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Diets and weight loss seem to go hand and hand. A diet tends to be the first thing that a person will become when it comes to losing weight. However, most people can maintain your current weight or even loose weight simply by learning to change their eating habits. This in itself is a form […]

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Not if you ask Harvard health expert, William Shrank, who calls Facebook the “wild west” when it comes to health information. This is because of the study his team conducted on the popular social networking site which found that many health recommendations came from those soliciting non FDA approved products and services. Out of 15 […]

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  Your old man can give you a lot of things: his hot temper, his big hairy feet, his old broken down Buick – but diabetes? Apparently so, if you’re a girl. New research found male lab rats eating a fatty diet increases the risk of their female offspring developing diabetes. Sounds like a bizarre […]

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  Are you shy when it comes to develop in the gym? Deep down you know yet there is no reason to feel, due to positive changes in their lives is commendable, and is doing for you and only! However, it is difficult to overcome the shyness, if you’re the kind of person who cares […]