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How can an Argan tree stop the Sahara? The world’s deserts are gaining ground in most areas of the planet. As we over-graze, over-till and over cultivate, we remove nature’s natural barriers to the encroachment of desert into formally arable areas. Trees are clear-felled for timber and the loss of vegetation and drought drives the […]

HELP FOR PARTNERS OF PORN ADDICTS   by Lindsay McKinnon I lived with a porn addicted partner for over three years… which resulted in my being treated for post traumatic stress disorder. When I was looking for help for partners of porn addicts, I found very little. There is a huge misconception about porn addiction and what it is. […]

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Visit the Library here Some pointers on how to make the stresses of normal everyday life more manageable!    Get Lindsay McKinnon’s great protein shake recipe here… and watch Lindsay’s own journey as we video her losing weight over the next 6 months. The healthy and enjoyable way to lose weight quickly. What we see with our minds we can […]

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