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Weight loss success stories with happy endings. Weight loss success stories are not always long-term, but, Lindsay’s protein shake is so easy to make and delicious to taste that it lends itself to being part of a long term plan. It satisfies the urge for something sweet and gives you a natural hit that sugar […]

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Discrimination Against Obese People It Happens Everyday While not fair, people do judge others on their appearance. If you’re fit and attractive that will usually work in your favor, but if you’re overweight that can not only work against you but it can lead to outright discrimination against obese people. Many times people will think […]

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Obese Women – Slim Down Now Or Live To Regret It   Ok so it is easy to say to obese women, you need to slim down but the fact of the matter is that you are running a huge risk to your health by being so overweight. Having an outsized waist line also makes […]

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The fact of the matter is that a high percentage of the population has a weight problem and that doesn’t just reflect this country, but it’s a world wide phenomenon. Being a plus sized women doesn’t mean that you have to give up on style and settle for unflattering stretch pants an mu mu’s. Quite […]

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Health Problems Of An Obese Child Does Your Child Have Them Obesity is dangerous enough with adults but the health  problem of obese child can be even more frightening because they are showing up much earlier in life. What used to be considered almost exclusively the health problems of middle age are now becoming very […]

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 Part 1 – How To Lose 50 Pounds And Keep It Off 63 percent of Americans are overweight and 31 percent are officially classified as obese. That means that if you are one of the millions of Americans who needs to lose a significant amount of weight, you are not alone. 45 million Americans will […]

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10 Tips for Losing 100 Pounds by Colette Bouchez When Lisa Goetze tipped the scales at 550 pounds, she wanted to put her fingers in her ears and scream “Stop!” every time a well-meaning friend advised her to start exercising. “It wasn’t that I didn’t want to exercise,’” says Goetze, now a svelte size 14 and […]

  Safe Tips For Abdominal Exercises For The Obese EXERCISES FOR OBESE PEOPLE   Everyone wants the tight ab look that we see on movie  stars and athletes. When people think of how to get  tight abs they almost always think of sit ups or crunches. That is only half of the equation though. Exercises […]

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Check out our FREE Ebook library ! Hi Welcome to Ask me for Info Article Archive If you would like to download some Free Ebooks full of ideas on how to create a more positive self  image, then follow this link. The Ebook Library     EXERCISES FOR OBESE PEOPLE I  

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Abdominal Exercises For The Obese Seated Total Body Strength This total body workout targets the upper and lower body with a variety of exercises that can be done while seated. For some lower body exercises, you can add ankle weights for more intensity. The upper body exercises use dumbbells and/or resistance bands for intensity. You […]

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  It’s not the bubonic plague and you get it from cheeseburgers, not blood thirsty rats, but the United States is double-chin deep in an obesity epidemic. According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, obesity has grown dramatically over the past 20 years. Only Colorado and the District of Columbia have an […]