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Gluten Allergy

The number of the people who had a reaction to gluten, and subsequently completely removed gluten from their diet. But, in some instances unnecessary to stop eating gluten, since a lot of aspects of gluten allergy and intolerance is misunderstood. It is because majority people misunderstand what gluten is. So, here are an explanation what gluten is, types of it and how it occurs.


Gluten, What Is It?


Gluten is rubbery and elastic protein, usually found in wheat products or in wheat. But, also and other products also contain gluten. So, it could be found in barley, rye, to lesser degree of oats. The products with can never contain gluten are maize and rice.


Food boxes such as breads and other baked goods are the most food boxes which contain substances which cause “doughy” as on of the main characteristic of gluten. Also, gluten is substance that contributes to sponging of products.

Still, gluten is not the only proteins contained into the rye, wheat and barley. These foods contain lots of other proteins, which also may be cause of the adverse reactions, which is the most common allergies. So, as well as gluten may cause allergic reaction and other substances contained in these food may also be causes of allergy. Actually, if your body shows symptoms of allergy on food related on gluten, it doesn’t mean that you are allergic on gluten. It could happen that you are allergic on some other substances contained in these foods.


Adverse Reactions And Types of Them


There are various adverse reactions, which may be notes beside gluten allergy. Usually people are thinking that this is reaction of intolerance on gluten, but it doesn’t mean that it is the main reason of your body reaction. Different mechanisms and different organisms have also and different adverse reactions.

It is because of the similar symptoms of gluten allergy and adverse reactions. Still, when it is about gluten and intolerance on some food, the symptoms are very painful. In the worst situation the only what could happen is bloating and migraines or at last skin rashes.


On the other side, gluten allergy is actually immunological and it may in some extremely situation to cause condition known as anaphylaxis or in the worst situation death. The most usual symptoms of gluten allergy are: swelling, especially in area of the tongue and mouth, asthma, red rash on the skin and hive or also called “urhicaria”.


Explanation Of Occurring Gluten Allergy


As all allergies and also when it is about gluten allergy, body, your immune system, produce amount number of antibodies, also known as immunoglobulin IgE which are connecting to the basil cells and mast, making inflammation.

Usually, when you first time enter in your body gluten, it doesn’t react adversely. Still, your immune system believes that substances are harmful to your body and remember them. This process is also known as sensitization. When you next time enter gluten in your body, your body will react and produce massive IgE.


As in the most cases of food allergy, and when you enter gluten it needs few minutes to few hours for reacting of your body.



Food Allergy


There are hundreds of the people who die from food allergy or some other type of allergy. One of the most common types of the allergy is food allergy.

If body’s immune system becomes misdirected, the condition stats with developing. Your immune system believes that food proteins which you enter in your body are harmful, so it reacts with attack.


Allergic reaction usually starts after you have entered certain foods in your body. Your immune system make mistake so it recognizes substances of the food as harmful. Immune system makes amounts of the antibodies which try to beat these substances. In the moment when antibodies come in the contact with mast cells, they are changing structure of membranes and with that they make various chemicals. The main player in inflammation of surrounding tissues is chemicals known as histamine.


Various are food allergy symptoms. They may be ranged from mildly inconvenient and up to total collapse of the body, followed in the worst cases with the death, but there are also and symptoms of food allergy which are known as anaphylaxis. Anaphylaxis is followed with violent allergic reaction from certain types of the food.


Most usually symptoms of the food allergy are:


• Feeling of tingling in the mouth

• Tongue and throat swelling

• Problem with breathing, difficult breathing

• Hives

• Vomiting

• Crams in the stomach

• Diarrhea

• Blood pressure

• In the worst cases death


Usually these signals appear after minutes to two hours after that you have entered certain food on which you are allergic.


The best method for treating food allergy is maximum avoiding of the food on which you are allergic. When it is about medical treatment, there are not certain medical drugs which you may enter in your body to protect yourself from food on which you are allergic. One of the medical treatment is also known as epinephrine or also known as adrenaline. This medication is only for most difficult cases.


Every food may cause allergy, but the most foods that are cause of allergy are: treenuts, milk, eggs, peanut, fish, soy, wheat and hazelnut.


One of the most common food allergy comes from peanut. You may find information about how you should to react in case that it comes to the allergy attack with eating peanut on Food Allergy and Anaphylaxis Network. Usually group that most suffer from this type of the food are kids in the early period of the life. Peanuts is defined as legumes, but it is not reason why you should to avoid and other legumes, except that you have good reason for that or doctor have told you to avoid them.


Eggs are rear food allergy, but this food may trigger anaphylaxis. So, food labels must be very careful read and sure that that food does not contain eggs. Eggs which are very good cooked are not harmful as eggs which are lightly cooked or raw.




Peanut Allergy


Lots of the people are convinced that peanut is the type of the nut, still, you should to know that peanut is the plant that belongs to the family of legume. Peanut allergy is one type of the food allergy and it is one of the most common allergies related to beans. Proteins found in peanuts act as very strong allergens, no matter of the amount that certain food contain them.


The last research that FAAN, has done, show that number of the children that are suffering from peanut allergy is in growing. This shows that it is necessary for standards that greater public education. Also, it should to mention that incident and allergy attacks caused by peanuts at children are doubled for the last five years.


Researches During the Years And Increasing of Peanut Allergy


It is interesting to know that children are the most suffered “patients” from peanut allergy. That was also one of the reason why researches have been done in UK in 1994 and during the august 1996 on the children. Also another reason was determination of increasing of the number of children that suffering of peanut allergy. It was comparison from the previous research did in the 1989.


The research showed that number of the children that positive responded on the peanut was 1,246 which is 3.3%. Comparing with the previous research in the 1989, this percent is higher, because in the 1989 it was 1.1 percent. Also, it should to mention that researching was not only on the skin, but also it was and genetic researching, which means that lots of children have potential tendency for developing of allergy and symptoms of asthma.


Treatments And Causes Of Peanut Allergy


There are more reasons and causes of peanut allergy. So, there are more explanation why people are suffering from the same. One of the main reasons why children are suffering form the peanut allergy is, because the woman has consumed peanuts during the pregnancy.


Also, if woman consume peanuts during the period when baby is sucking, peanuts may influence bad for the baby. People who start up with using vegetarian food or supplements, usually use food related on the nuts and same with that use lots of amount of the peanut.


The number of the people who have looked for the medical help when they had attack caused with the peanut is very small. Still, doctors recommend that people should to look for the medical help when their children or they get some of the allergy symptoms caused with peanut. It is because the number of the people who are dying from the food allergy is big. About 100 deaths and 15,000 visits of the emergency rooms, are caused with the peanut allergy.


When it is about treatment for peanut allergy, as at other causes of the allergy, especially food causers, the best solution for you is to avoid consuming of peanut. So, it is recommendation to read label of each product before you consume them.

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