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In the beginning of the 1970s, people still took free granted diet weight loss. Always assumed would be there regardless of what made her body. Began experimenting with all sorts of things, including new foods. Pasta was introduced in the average household and became waiting a barn at meal times. By the end of the seventies, retailers with adventurers. Butchers began to prepare their meat for better viewing. Bakers were even further. Bread was not only a loaf of bread was a dozen of different shapes and varieties from around the world. Often the sugar was introduced to add flavor.

Cereals went from porridge and boxes of Candy corn flakes. We have a bright and colorful box for every taste. ‘Love good for children,’ says the message in the box. Of course that it would. It is a box of sweets.

Manufactured food flourished. Anything produced in a factory became a top foodstuff. This course helped to promote the industry ‘snack food’ that began to mushrooms. Is food trafficking could take anywhere and eat at any time. It is sometimes sweet and salty. It is spicy, full of flavour and was very descent.

The word that accompanied all manufactured foods was ‘healthy’. You know that the old adage, ‘ If you keep on repeating a sentence probably is not true… and of course; This is not true.

Do you think for a moment that our metabolism has not suffered any damage having to adjust a diet that had changed little since centuries ago to one that is almost exactly the opposite? When people age their metabolism slows down, when someone’s thyroid gets damaged metabolism slows down. When people eat food body has difficulty processing, metabolism slows down: how? I guess that depends on the degree of damage has been caused.

All these new carbon hydrates were you more than our metabolism could afford so simply slowed down. This means that we begin to store fat that normally would have burned in power. Our metabolism can then establish a new reference point for what he sees as our ‘normal’ weight. By then, most of us were prepared to find an easy diet plan. Then a diet means just like today, reduction of calories. Diet continued for a long time it enough your confused brain would be read as a famine food shortages and your metabolism to slow down the signal.

Our body is not designed to process huge amounts of solid carbon hydrates, diet cravings is often the result. But his body is designed to recognize the famine. Recognises once has dieted for some time. Slow down your metabolism and make it much harder to lose weight will. When you finally resign, not only will all return the weight, there are added weight, by way of protection against another famine.

Now trapped in a victory for any situation. You can find another easy diet plan and lose more weight, but once you do, you can finish more fat and their yearning for diet will be more difficult to control. Alternatively, you can stop the diet and accept a body is not happy with. For most people, neither option is acceptable. It was certainly not for me. When I discovered how the body handles weight, I started to find a way to stop it. Know how often something happens can become a way to stop it.

I knew that no could allow us reduce my calories, so experienced. Five years ago found the perfect ‘no diet’ diet. Left my cravings of diet and no need to reduce the consumption of food. Suffer from a damaged thyroid. This means that it is much harder to lose weight for me than for most people. However, in a few months went from 80Kilos to 64 kg, which is the weight that I took to before the damage to my thyroid occurred.
For five years I have remained in my normal weight. I can’t say honestly that I returned to free diet weight loss. I am sure that I can I stay at this weight for the rest of my life. People who I mentioned my system, have encouraged me to write it. That is exactly what I did.

Kirsten Plotkin is an expert on how to lose weight without diet. If you are interested in this topic, strongly recommend his book my own plan. It will give you a proven successful five years without a diet or calories permanent weight loss. If you have lost hope then this is the book that has been waiting for.



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