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Hair loss because of hair extentions


by Lindsay McKinnon

 There was a time when, if we weren’t lucky enough to be born with long flowing locks, our only resort was to wear a full or partial wig.

Then along came the hair extensions and how could we resist? After all, every actress and model we saw suddenly sported hair down to their nether regions and characters in soap operas appeared to be competing as to who could do the best ‘hair acting’ where various emotions would be expressed by a swish of hair that was so long it virtually took the scenery down with it. Afro –Caribbean women too, who wanted an alternative to their glorious Afro’s, could discover the delights of hair so straight and shiny you could see your face in it – – the first week you had them installed anyway – after that they soon become a gnarled tangled mess that you cannot wash normally and take up half your day to take care of. EXCLUSIVE: Naomi Campbell in Ibiza

Supermodel Naomi Campbell sporting the effects of long -term hair extension use. (photo courtesy of the Daily Mail

Now, those of us who have been through various fashion trends will know that, one way or another – we always pay for our fleeting joy with long term consequences; and so it is with hair extensions. “Ma’am; step away from the glue gun!” Even celebs that we would have presumed had no need for hair extensions have tried them and regretted their decision, as reported in the Daily Mail recently in regard to Jennifer Aniston, who’s ‘do’ had to be the biggest thing to hit the salons since the Farrah Fawcett craze.

“… I decided to have a couple of extensions, never knowing you end up with 400 things in your head that cause your hair to break off.’ Explained Jen.

jenifer anderson hair extention problems“Nothing destroys your hair faster than extensions. It’s taken a year and a half to get my hair grown out.”                                          Celebrities including: Nancy Dell’Olio, Kate Beckinsale and Christina Aguilera have all being spotted with temporary (?) bald patches caused by hair extensions. “Hair extensions are one of the worst possible things you can do to your hair,”  said trichologist Leonora Doclis of hair specialists The Belgravia Centre.

“Extensions are glued onto your normal hair and they often break off because they are too heavy. Sometimes they break off close to the scalp, giving you a temporary smooth area and at other times they break off about half an inch down.”

Leonora advises wigs rather than extensions and has joined other trichologists in wishing to call for a ban on the ‘glue-in’ variety, in particular.

Some of the damage caused by hair extensions, it is frightening to note, is permanent. Even when the damage is temporary though, that can still mean two or three years before your hair recovers enough to get back to normal; and even then, it may never be as thick or healthy again. So does this mean we have to play ‘wait and see’ as to whether we can repair the damage?

I’ve been researching remedies, both old and new as to what can be done to stimulate the roots and encourage hair growth once more.  Over the next few articles I will go into these remedies (most using Argan Oil as a base, which is truly a miracle oil – I love it!) and will accompany some with a video, giving step by step ‘how-to’ instructions.

Of course if you can afford to go to a specialist clinic then great; but if you’re a poor starving artiste such as myself – you will want to go down the home remedy path.

So watch this space for the weird and wonderful remedies to come – as long as they work and they’re affordable though, they can be as whacky as they like; right?

A great product to help in the repair process is Golden Amber Argan Oil 

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