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Link Time! Surprising Health Foods, Body Transformation Videos and more
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For some reason certain foods have been written off by most who are trying to follow a low Calorie or healthy diet.

A recent post in may cause you to rethink certain food discrimination. The Baked Potato is at the top of their 6 Surprising Health Foods list. Just go easy on the butter.

A brand new site just recently launched offers a cool way to motivate people to lose weight or build muscle. makes it easy for visitors to make a video of their progress.

The dieter simply takes a photo once or twice a week and then uploads them to the site. Here’s a neat video example of the finished product.

Another new site that we can give you a sneak peak at before it’s official launch is This site shows visual representations of what 200 Calories of popular foods look like. It also lists popular fast food menu items such as those from McDonald’s

Speaking of McDonald’s, did you know that they have over 13,000 locations in the USA alone? Now do you want to see what that number looks like on a map of the USA? did a great job of taking an obscure number and showing what it really represents.

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