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 I was speaking with my fab friend Lili from PoSarc last night and we were discussing those deluded pseudo feminists who declare that porn is empowering women and refuse to acknowledge porn as another means of women being exploited in the sex trade industry.

It is true that there is a difference between a street hooker and a porn performer in that the hooker has enough wisdom to be paid up front. The porn prostitute doesn’t get paid until the cameras are turned off. Why? Because that way the director/pimp can cajole/manipulate/force the performer into doing things that could cause long term physical and psychological damage with the threat that they won’t get paid and/or work in the industry again unless they do.

So, in order to get their fifteen minutes of fame, these ‘empowered’ women continue being ‘rogered’, choked and buggered for up to eight hours and, ironically being paid a fraction of what they would get for the equivalent time on the street – because it’s glamorous?

Porn Performer

Right now, the porn user is in a similar position to so called anti-racists in the 1970s; It was cool and forward thinking to claim that you believed black people were equal to the lofty heights of the white guy, but god forbid you had one move in next door! And as for your daughter dating one… Horror of horrors!!!!

 It took a great deal of educating the ignorance out of people before they  understood that black people only being represented in the media as slaves, pimps, drug dealers, gang leaders and murderers was demeaning, damaging and dangerously misrepresentative of the black race.

People are not open to hearing about the harms of porn as it’s now considered ‘cool’ and to consider that it may be harmful, demeaning and degrading might make one look old fashioned, frigid and, heaven help us ‘less than cool’ Yikes!!!!!

The gen public will therefore give tacit approval of porn but if a seedy porn store were to open next door…. or,  their daughter tells her parents she is going to appear in Tear Me a New Asshole 46, I doubt they’re going to be proudly shouting it from the rooftops. Despite this tacit approval, there is still the underlying ‘Yeuch’ factor to porn which makes it as easy to discuss in polite conversation as one’s latest bowel movement.

Rihana Pop Star

Yet there are those deluded Feminists who will declare, ‘well, if that’s what she wants to do then it is her choice, and so it is by definition ‘empowering’.’

Since when has being a prostitute (with or without a film crew) been empowering?

a)   You must have incredibly low self-esteem if you have to sell yourself like you’re part of the latest DFS sale to make yourself feel desirable.

b)   You are declaring that you feel empowered by getting male approval because you are able to fake a convincing porgasm*


Women will never be empowered until they understand and live by the maxim I NEITHER SEEK NOR REQUIRE THE APPROVAL OF OTHERS; as it is the desire to please – particularly men – that has held women back throughout history.

*The Porgasm is that great lie that has the performer convey a mixture of pain, pleasure, confusion and awe (and strangely – an impending sneeze) at His enormous donger and unequalled ability as a sex machine.

Street Prostitute
 Unfortunately, it is a lie that women are once again expected to convey in real life. The porgasm is putting the women’s movement back decades to return to the time where women just faked it to get the whole thing over with and so as not to damage the great, yet delicate, male ego.


Because men, by their nature will go on the attack when wounded.He would only accuse his partner of being frigid if she didn’t climax from the 2.8 minutes of grunting and thrusting that ‘all his previous girlfriends came when he did it to them’.

Yeah, really empowering. Thanks girls.

This is the greatest and most dangerous lie the pseudo feminist will tell themselves. It is feminism designed by men. The kind of woman who crawls on the floor, dressed like a hooker, does not need to be taken on a date, never needs foreplay, porgasms when you ejaculate in her face and you can leave in a crumpled heap on a floor without fear of ever being expected to call her again – apart of course for the next time you want to abuse someone for whom you have no regard for their physically or emotionally.


‘’Yeah! Wow, sign me up right now!’’

Over a 100 years ago, Emmeline Pankhurst and the Suffragettes (great name for a band) would chain themselves to railings to bring women’s rights to the fore, before being arrested, thrown in a cell and pipes forced down her throat and up her nose to force feed her to break her hunger strike.


Being paid dramatically less than a street hooker would earn to have someone shove shit down your throat and god knows what else up every other orifice, which hurts so much you have to take legal and illegal drugs in order to get through it, is as close to  female empowerment as the porn industry is to healthy sex education.

Being desperate for male approval is by no means empowerment, so please – keep your insecurities to yourself and stop thrusting them on the rest of us by perpetrating this delusion.

I, like most women, have enough insecurities of my own without having to add yours, thanks.

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