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Risk Factors for Diabetes
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Risk Factors for Diabetes

The two major factors contributing to today’s alarming rise in diabetes are: poor diet and lack of exercise. In today’s fast paced culture, with its emphasis on “fast foods”, and it’s de-emphasis on exercise, more and more of us are eating unhealthy diets and choosing poor lifestyles. Our typical diet has become way out of balance. We eat way too many simple sugars, way too often. Most people consume candy, french fries, potato chips, ice cream, pasta etc on a regular basis. We eat twice the calories we need, twice the protein we need, and each year the average person consumes over 160 pounds of sugars and sweeteners we don’t need at all.

When you consider that so many of us are overfed and so few of us get any regular exercise. . . and then add to that . . . the fact that many of us overuse alcohol and nicotine which increases oxidative stress. . . it’s no wonder that millions of us already suffer from diabetes, or are at great risk of developing diabetes in the near future.

The ever increasing number of overweight, out of shape, oxidatively stressed people in today’s societies around the world, is directly proportional to the epidemic rise of diabetes.

The following is a list of risk factors for getting diabetes:

Being more than 20% overweight

Physical inactivity

Having a first degree relative with diabetes (parents or siblings)

Belonging to any of the following ethnic groups: African American, Native American, Latin American, Asian American, Pacific Islander

Having an “Impaired Fasting Glucose” (IFG) or “Impaired Glucose Tolerance” (IGF) on previous blood tests.

Having Triglycerides (blood fats) which are more than 250 mg/dl

Having HDL cholesterol (“good” cholesterol ) which is less than 35 mg/dl

Having a history of hypertension (high blood pressure)

Having a history of gestational (pregnancy-related) diabetes or giving birth to a baby which weighed more than 9 pound

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  1. surender says:

    Really a re the great sharing of diabetes information.. The chances of contracting type 1 increases manifold if the parent(s) or siblings have diabetes. Some studies have also positively correlated diabetes and factors like race, diet, geography, and exposure to virus illness.

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