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Total Change Weightloss Program – Can You Actually Lose Weight?
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Total Change Weightloss Program Review

by Jeff Fannin

My father always told me that the only true way to better health is through good, abundant exercise and eating the right foods. After many years of trying different ways to keep lean and fit I believe every word he said. All these diet pills, diet drinks and foods are just plain bogus in today’s society. When I was in college, I tried every diet/energy pill I could get my hands to be leaner, fitter, and keep muscle mass to a maximum. That was the big thing in college, you gotta look good or go home. Almost every pill was a waste of money and time on my part because most would suppress your appetite, give you a small burst of energy for a short time, then after they wore off you would feel like you just got hit by a truck!
I knew there had to be a better way and there really are no short cuts to better health. Rarely, do I endorse many fitness programs because most want you to eat those weight watchers, south beach diet, etc, ( I could go on and on) packaged foods which in turn, costs the consumer more money than its worth because they end
up gaining all the weight back anyway. After stumbling upon a Total Change Weightloss program on the Internet I decided to check it out because it seemed to really relate to the average person and what has to be done to achieve total change in their bodies and to keep that change constant. Believe me, I’ve tried and failed many weightloss/fitness programs.

Total Change Weightloss from TK Fitness Solutions has a great program that I think can help people realize that through
moderate exercise and eating healthy, a great body can be achieved through a small amount of effort. Tom Kelly has been a fitness expert for over 10 years and has developed, I think, a fool proof way of losing weight and keeping it off. Now from anyone that reads my reviews, I’m a straight-forward person and if I don’t believe
in a product I will not even talk about endorsing it. I’ve talked to a few people that have tried Total Change Weightloss and they have told me they have nothing but fabulous results if its followed correctly. Thats the key here ladies and gentleman, follow the program correctly. There are no shortcuts, only through hard work and dedication, will you reach your weight loss and fitness goals.

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Tom Kelly has numerous programs from group classes, email and phone coaching, to do it yourself programs. I like to focus mainly on the do-it-yourself programs because those are programs that you can use at your own pace and are usually in the right price range for the average person. Most coaches and trainers charge alot of money
for good coaching and instruction. But if that is the way you want to go, then by all means do it! But I think Tom Kelly has come up with a fantastic do-it-yourself program. You get a total body workout program that tells you step-by-step what to do and which exercises to perform without having to join a health club. There is even a little software program that shows you how the exercises are performed and how much you should be doing at one time. It also tells you what the correct foods are to eat in your total body transformation and believe me, these are foods that I would eat everyday. They are not unrealistic foods that you would rather hang yourself before eating them. Also, you will learn how the body burns fat and how to make your body burn fat all day long. Tom will teach you why most diets fail and how to motivate yourself to eat right and exercise when your not feeling up to par that day. Finally, you will get lifetime email support from Tom to ask any questions along your fitness journey.

I highly recommend Total Change Weightloss for anyone wanting to reach their weightloss goals and keep that weight off while maintaining a healthy lifestyle and body. I think I’m going to continue to use it and I will keep everyone up to date on my fitness change.

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