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Weight loss success stories with happy endings.

Weight loss success stories

with happy endings.

Weight loss success stories are not always long-term, but, Lindsay’s protein shake is so easy to make and delicious to taste that it lends itself to being part of a long term plan. It satisfies the urge for something sweet and gives you a natural hit that sugar just can’t imitate.

Why not let your weight loss success story start today and join Lindsay McKinnon as she starts her own journey to get her body back in shape.

She has already lost 16 ibs over a six-week period and I will be putting up her weigh-in’s each month on this and other blogs.

She will be getting much more interactive in November when she finishes her studies, so why not watch her work out videos too when I put them up.

After years of remaining behind the scenes,putting up articles about weight loss and lifestyle choices, we have decided to become more interactive and put a face to our website.

The face who has graced us with her wealth of talents is writer presenter Lindsay McKinnon.

Lindsay is currently not where she would like to be in the body shape department. For her it is a major issue as she has always earned her living from being on stage. The reasons she got overweight in the first place are long and complicated, but are reasons we all have for our condition.

Whether you are morbidly obese (don’t you love that phrase….really up!) or have a bit of a tummy….the reason is the same ….To Much Going In and Not Enough Being Burned Off.

That’s it….you can read as many articles as you like that won’t burn calories.

You don’t need to live like a monk or eat like a rabbit to look like a reasonable human being.

There are very few of us that have the genes that will give us a superb physique, but that is no reason to not make the best of what we have.

Over the next few months Lindsay is going to be going through the process of getting her body back in control in front of the camera. She has already lost a stone as I write but she will explain the full story on the videos we are going to be making in the next few weeks. So WATCH THIS SPACE.

download the doc file and print it off for your fridge

If you would be interested in watching videos like this then please leave a comment.

Exstreme weight loss is bad for you, and modern evidence seems to be showing that the traditional starvation diet does not work. Just put together a diet of healthy things that you like and stop going to the chippy and McDonalds. Also stop drinking sodas of any kind….drink water instead…you will see the pounds dropping away. But of course that will take a change in how you do things.

I dont get much exercise and so I have to make sure I don’t balloon out of control


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